Image Does art bring us happiness?

Does art bring us happiness?

Does art bring us happiness?

Art can be defined as the ability to create beautiful things through writing, painting and drawing, as well as handcrafts. Yet, when we talk about art for happiness, the representation of art in spirituality comes to mind. The peace ambassador, Prem Rawat, might think about the potential of each individual to create a piece of art to attain inner peace when he said that peace is within.

In this article, let us focus on 4 forms of art in spirituality to bring us happiness, especially, through the art of singing, and the art of giving, the art of meditation and  the art of praying.

Does the art of singing bring us happiness?

In the world nowadays, it has become easy to listen to music and sing anywhere you are. Singing eases the tension and reduces stress. As soon as you sing wholeheartedly and mindfully, you can feel waves of positive energy coming into you, and negativity is no more.

Yet, be careful to listen carefully to the words of the songs and avoid singing songs which endorse negative energy like deception, depression, frustration, and failure. Singing consists in speaking and saying words aloud with music. When singing, we consciously repeat the ideas in the songs again and again.

Thus, music is a powerful tool to change our mood and feeling. Music can also reflect our belief and mindset. To be happy, opt for positive lyrics, which promotes positivism and optimism.

The art of giving can make us joyful

The art of giving consists in a generous act for the wall-being of our surroundings, especially those who are deprived of the basic necessities of life, including clothes, food, and even shelter. This art makes us happier if we feel that we cut down some of what we have to provide the needy with what they need.

In other words, happiness does not arise from giving only; which means that it does not create lasting happiness to give because you are blessed enough to give. Here, true, long-lasting bliss consists in donating a part of your daily things, like your breakfast, for example, to the poor, and this act really consists in not eating any breakfast and feeling hungry.

This act can contribute more to inner happiness, because you are more mindful of your caring act.

The art of praying promotes bliss

Praying for the others is an art, which can be performed without being fully developed spiritually and emotionally. This kind of art is essential to bring peace to earth and make the world a better place for humanity. Yet, only a few individuals are concerned about it.

This is to be done unequivocally, mindfully and consciously, with the aim to change public mindset from negative into positive, which will certainly lead to happiness.

The art of meditation as a source of happiness

Meditation consists in thinking seriously about something in order to attain a purpose, and here we are mostly concerned about inner peace, which is our source of durable happiness. The ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat said a specific meditation called "Knowledge" helps to attain that purpose.

Obviously, there is nothing more satisfying than gaining enough knowledge about how to build peace with yourself and with the world.