Image Focus on art therapy to find inner peace

Focus on art therapy to find inner peace

Focus on art therapy to find inner peace

Inner peace describes the state of mind which is free from worries and anxiety despite the problems and stressors in life. It is synonymous with mind tranquility and serenity. Peace of mind cannot be attained unless some efforts are made to discover and maintain it.

According to the messenger and ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat, peace is within us; however, he also said that what people are looking for is peace.

The term "art" can be used to describe any beautiful production from a creative talent, which is practiced to please the eyes and the ears. "Art therapy" refers to the use of art to do good to the others. Can art therapy be used to find inner peace? Let us give a highlight on art therapy as a tool to achieve inner tranquility.

Inner peace through art therapy

The following forms of art can be used in treatment of patients suffering from trauma and restlessness. Besides, art can also be performed mindfully in therapy to attain inner peace, as follows: 

  • Drawing and paintings 
  • The art of singing and music 
  • The art of giving 
  • The art of healing 
  • The art of praying 
  • The art of meditation

Drawing and paintings can help to release negative emotions

Hold negative feelings within create inner troubles and anxiety.By making the anxious patient create art, it is possible for them to pinpoint and release negative emotions,which have been held within. For example, to draw a picture of a happy family if their source of unhappiness is due to family problems.

Or, draw their ideal hometown if their concern is related to the loss of home because of a war. Once the picture is finished, they are asked to explain everything in it. Thus, drawings are tools to let negative feelings go and attain inner peace.

The art of singing and music

Singing is the art of singing out aloud from the bottom of your heart and focusing your mind on the lyrics. The aim is to release negative energy from the body. This promotes a sense of well-being and happiness. On the other hand, music therapy can be used to promote peace within.

By listening to relaxation music, your mind can feel tranquil and stress-free.Besides, music for meditation can boosts mindfulness. Thus, music and songs can trigger inner tranquility.

The art of giving can induce inner peace

Giving is an art; unless an individual is gifted in giving, it is difficult to give wholeheartedly. The art of giving characterizes compassionate individuals, and it consists of giving and giving back. Giving aid to the needy, or giving charity to the street beggars are forms of giving. Showing compassion to the neediest people is a path to inner peace because you have done something for humanity.

On the other hand, the art of giving back may consist of paying taxes to the different entities. In religion, it consists of paying tithes and recollections during the religious service.

In everyday life, the act of giving can be done through the donations given to humanitarian organizations, like the Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF). By bringing your contributions to those associations, which act for peace, you can activate your art of giving, which will lead to mind tranquility.

The art of healing brings about inner tranquility

Healing is another form of art, which consists of visiting patients, and which can be performed through prayers and laying hand on the sick. Sometimes, it can be completed with a mindfulness body-scan meditation. This kind of art can be nurtured through prayers and regular mindfulness meditations. By doing good to humanity, it is possible to find your own path to serenity.

The art of praying boosts peace within

This kind of art consists of praying for the world, for the others and for your family, but not only for yourself. Effective prayers do not consist of repeating the same words several times a day.

It consists of mindfulness prayers, in which your mind and your heart are in harmony, and the words of your mouth are no different from what you really want to achieve in the conscious and subconscious mind. Praying for the others is equally a philanthropic act.

The art of meditation creates a peaceful mind

There are many kinds of meditation techniques, which can induce your inner strengths and peace. The methods can be used to fulfill your spiritual and emotional development so as to attain inner peace, and also to lead other people into serenity.